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Shoe Box Accounting

Shoe Box Accounting

Please answer the questions below to find out if you are experiencing the issue of shoe box accounting:

  • Are you experiencing one or more of the following accounting and bookkeeping problems?
  • Stress caused by an inability to organise receipts using a proper bookkeeping system
  • Outdated accounts that have not been followed-up properly
  • Inefficient management of invoicing systems
  • VAT return completed past deadline
  • Wasted time and money due to disorganisation and lost, misplaced or overlooked invoices
  • Legal or cash problems caused by neglect or oversight

Maintaining your accounts can be frustrating, costly, and inefficient. Correct Balance LLP will transform your existing accounting and bookkeeping system so that it is efficient, productive and less all-consuming.

The result?

Less stress, less wasted time, proactive measures put in place to prevent money from falling through gaps in the system.

What can you expect from our service?

Firstly, toss out that overflowing box of invoices. You’ll no longer need to struggle with growing mountains of invoices, receipts, and other accounting paperwork. Our targeted Shoe Box Bookkeeping offers helpful solutions via the following services:

  • A consultation focusing on your unique needs and preferences
  • The crafting of a personalised agreement, including a range of services
  • Recordkeeping suggestions and specialised training to help your staff organise
  • VAT Return
  • Flexible, out of hours technical support, as required
  • HMRC support if you incurred penalty charges due to inspections

Unfortunately, a lot of great businesses fail due to a lack of proper bookkeeping and accounting procedures. Our objective is to organise and create a streamlined, practical system this is easy to maintain and utilise. With the appropriate training, you’ll learn how to arrange your paperwork so that you are always in control of what is occurring.

No more lost or misplaced paperwork! No late invoicing and stagnant cash flow! No more hunting through mountains of receipts at the last minute!

Regardless of how cumbersome your current system is presently working, our staff can get your financial matters straightened with top-rate recordkeeping and organisational support.
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