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You can upload your files directly to Correct Balance LLP. Your files will be uploaded to our workflow folder where our bookkeepers will pick it up and start processing.


To make sure that your data is secure from the moment you choose to share it with us, we insist that you upload ONLY ENCRYPTED files to our folder. There are two ways you can achieve that:

  1. Symmetric Encryption: in this method please use AES256 cipher as this is considered one of the most secured at present
  2. Asymmetrical Encryption (using our Public Key)

In order to successfully encrypt and for us to decrypt your files so we can complete work for you there is certain information which needs to be available to you and us. This is:

  1. In case of symmetric encryption, we will need a password which you set up to decrypt the file. That has to be distributed securely! The information on how to distribute this password will be provided for you when you engage our services.
  2. In case of asymmetrical encryption, you will need our Public Key which you can get by clicking the link “Public Key” in point 2 above or alternatively we can distribute that to you. Regardless of the option, you choose to get our Public Key you will need to verify it with us before you can trust it. We have prepared a sha512checksum file which you can use to verify the integrity of our public key. 

If you are not familiar with encryption and need help and knowledge, we have provided links to software and comprehensive compendiums for you at the bottom of the page.

Upload Terms and Conditions

  1.  Upload is provided via “HTTPS” which means that your upload is going to happen thorugh secure protocol (ssl).
  2. Correct Balance LLP recommends that you ENCRYPT your files BEFORE uploading to our folder using one of the methods stated above, That will just add additional layer of security to your files and peace of mind to you,
  3. This point is directed to Customers who choose to Encrypt their files before the upload:
    1. Customers have to make sure that the Public Key they have downloaded from our website is correct one.
    2. Customers who are using our Public Key for the first time should always confirm with us validity of this key by comparing FINGERPRINTS preferably face to face or  any other way in which both parties are able to easily identify each other,
    3. Customers should never use any cryptographic keys from Correct Balance LLP until these have been properly verified. We have prepared sha512checksum  which can be used to check the integrity of our Public Key,
    4. Correct Balance LLP will always verify Customers Public Keys before sending any encrypted messages or files back to the Customers,
  4. Customer will always use their Name either Business or Individual,
  5. If you choose to upload unencrypted files you do so out of your own will and Correct Balance LLP cannot be held responsible for any data leaked or stolen during the upload process,
  6. Correct Balance LLP does not control the upload process, therefore we cannot be held responsible for any data loss during the upload process,
  7. Correct Balance LLP will confirm with customers if the files were received and if these were successfully decrypted,
  8. By Uploading the file or files you are acknowledging that you have read and understood, and agree with the above Upload Terms and Conditions.

Upload Files


Knowledge Base and Encryption Software:

  1. Gpg4win – Encryption software for Windows systems, you can also get full compendium on this web page explaining how to use the software correctly, open source, free software for commercial and private use
  2. Short tutorial for Windows users of Gpg4win,
  3. Very useful tutorial for Linux users. It is worth pointing out that command line interface for gpg in Linux and Windows is almost the same.
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