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A New Business Program Created Especially for You—The New Business Owner

Launching a new business is challenging!

Your very survival depends on hiring the proper support; ensuring that you are prepared to address any hurdles, obstacles, or surprise occurrences that can adversely effect your business.

Our Knowledge Is Your Safety Net

Our specialised new business bookkeeping and accounting service focuses keenly on the special needs and challenges that are routinely faced by new business owners.
We’ve worked with small and medium business owners and fully understand the pitfalls that can cripple a new business. On a continual basis, our team of accounting and bookkeeping experts successfully assists business owners in situations exactly like yours. We offer the knowledge and experience to keep your business afloat during the risky first year and beyond.

Our “One-Stop” New Business Offerings include:

  • A Firm Financial Foundation: A kick-off introductory meeting with our company owner in which your accounting needs are examined and invaluable feedback on key issues is provided. Your business will greatly benefit from our knowledge and experience with new business challenges and you will gain valuable insight and a keen advantage over your competition.
  • Personal Setup and Service: Our team will set up a highly efficient bookkeeping system with your special needs firmly in mind. We always aim to meet your specific needs and preferences. A sample listing of choices includes Sage, Xero and QuickBooks or a manual system.
  • Extensive Systems Training: Staff training sessions on all new bookkeeping and invoicing systems, including feedback on important billing issues such as setting terms of payment to avoid cash flow problems.
  • Billing Strategy Assistance: Projections on cash flow and scheduling payments to ensure optimum cash flow and financial success.
  • Flexible and highly responsive technical support to support the growth of your company from your launch date and beyond.
  • Full VAT return

Launching a business is risky enough. Why gamble with your accounting and bookkeeping support?

We closely guard and monitor the lifeblood of your business by proactively protecting against possible obstacles and by providing speedy solutions to any problems that arise.
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